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Information Technology: IT Core Courses

Online research guide for Information Technology majors

IT Core Courses

The courses on this page are required for all students pursuing the Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems or the Bachelor of Science Information Technology degree, regardless of concentration. Courses required for the Bachelor degree, but not the Associate degree are indicated in box title.

Hover over or Click on the arrow next to "IT Courses" in the tabs above to see Application Development, Networking & Security, and IT Elective courses.

TEC120 Structured Programming books & ebooks

TEC135 Networking I books & ebooks

TEC140 Microcomputer Systems books & ebooks

TEC200 Data Modeling Foundations books & ebooks

TEC210 Discrete Logic books & ebooks (required for BS)

TEC235 Object-Oriented Programming I books & ebooks (required for BS)

TEC245 Internet Programming I books & ebooks (required for BS)

TEC252 SQL Fundamentals books & ebooks

TEC310 Virtualization books & ebooks (required for BS)

TEC325 Operating Systems books & ebooks (required for BS)

TEC370 Human Computer Interaction books & ebooks (required for BS)

TEC411 Cyber Ethics books & ebooks (required for BS)