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Advising Center - Course Registration

This guide provides information about academic advising and course registration.


You are assigned an advisor when you begin at Central Penn College.  Your advisor will help you navigate the various college systems, answer academic questions, and provide assistance with internships.  An advisor will also help you with registering for classes, but ultimately, the responsibility for scheduling remains yours.


You can find your advisor on the student portal in the Advisor box.


Students in the School of Professional Studies majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Administration, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Homeland Security Management, Information Technology, or Marketing, are assigned a Student Success Coach from the Student Success and Advising Center as their primary advisor. Students in these programs can still talk to the faculty in their program if they have questions specific to their discipline.


Students in the School of Professional Studies majoring in Communications, Corporate Communications, Legal Studies, or Paralegal, as well as all students in the School of Health Sciences are assigned a Faculty Advisor from their program as their primary advisor. Students from these programs can still talk to the Student Success and Advising Center if they have general questions or are considering a major change.


Your advisor is eager to guide you through your academic journey at the College.  However, they need your help in making this relationship a successful one.  


Here are some tips to get the most from your advising session:


Schedule a session.  You're encouraged to schedule an in-person or virtual advising session anytime you would like to meet with your advisor.  Scheduling a session will ensure that you have your advisor's undivided attention.  They will be more prepared to answer your questions and give you the best advice.  Great tip: try to schedule a session during "off times" (usually before or after open registration).  You may have to plan ahead, but you will get the most out of the session.


Come prepared. If you've scheduled an advising session, you should do your part by preparing for the session yourself by bringing: an updated degree matrix, academic roadmap, or transfer evaluation with notes about the courses you've completed and are currently taking and any questions you may have about your experience as a student. 


Follow up. While not necessary, it's great to follow-up with your advisor after an advising session.  You can let them know that you have successfully scheduled your courses for the next term or that you completed an important task (like going to Career Services for internships resources) like they suggested. Or you may just drop them a line to tell them thank you!  By following up, you give your advisor the information they need to keep your file up-to-date and keep you on their radar.