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Advising Center - Course Registration

This guide provides information about academic advising and course registration.

Registration Process

What if I miss open registration?

If you miss open registration, you may not be able to 

  • secure a seat in required or desired courses.
  • choose times that allow you to be the most flexible.
  • avoid any financial aid or billing issues.

However, that doesn't mean that you cannot register.  After week six, you will need to follow a different process to register for classes using the Add/Drop form.  You can access the Add/Drop form on the student portal. Log into the single sign-on system, click the Student Portal tile, and then go to My Forms > Frequent Forms.


What is a course cap?

As you register, you will notice that  courses have a certain number of "seats" (even if they're online), which refers to the course cap.  Colleges use course caps to help manage the student experience.  Some courses, like survey courses, can be taught with higher course caps because of the content, approach, and assignments.  Other courses, like seminar courses, need lower course caps because they are driven more by group discussion, which would be difficult to manage with more seats. 


What is a waitlist?

Seats for some of our required or highly desired courses can fill quickly.  In this case, students who need or desire a course can sign up for a waitlist.  A waitlist is essentially like standing in line for a course.  If students change their schedules, then a seat will open up.  If there are several students on a waitlist, the department may open up additional sections if they have staffing.  It's important that if you're on a waitlist, you have a back-up plan in case a spot doesn't open up.   


What do the different section labels mean?

The different section labels refer to different platforms and locations for classes.  Here's a quick reference:

D: Daytime (Summerdale)

E: Evening (Summerdale)

EB: Evening blended (Summerdale)

LA: Lancaster Center (evening or evening blended)

Z: Online