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Advising Center - Course Registration

This guide provides information about academic advising and course registration.

Required Courses

There are three types of required courses that you will need to take to complete your degree: general education, open electives, and core courses.


General education courses provide you a foundation for your academic study and offer a context for you to situate your field of study.  They provide the necessary skills sets you need to be successful throughout your academic journey.  You will need to take general education courses from the following areas:

Humanities are courses that focus on human culture and what it means to be human.  Fields within this academic discipline include: Art, English, Humanities, Geography, Language, and Philosophy.

Social & Behavioral Sciences use the scientific approach and methodology to understand human relationships and societies.  Fields within this academic discipline include History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.  

Mathematics, Science, and Technology fall within the natural and applied sciences and use the scientific approach and methodology to apply to issues in the world.  Fields within this academic discipline include Biology, Mathematics, Science, and Technology.


Open electives are courses that you take to compliment your field of study.  These courses can come from any area of the catalog provided that you have the right requirements to be eligible for the class. Open electives offer you an excellent opportunity to

  • explore other academic disciplines
  • further specialize in your field of interest


‚ÄčCore courses are specific to your field of study and are specifically designed to help you specialize in your field of interest.  These courses will be dictated on your roadmap and are required for graduation.   In some majors, you will also have "choice" or concentration courses that will allow you to customize your degree.