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Advising Center - Course Registration

This guide provides information about academic advising and course registration.

Course Registration

Open registration is a period when students can register for courses for the next academic term.  At the College, open registration occurs weeks four, five, and six. Students should determine their schedules before open registration begins. 

By registering on time, you will:
  • secure a seat in required or desired courses.
  • choose times that allow you to be the most flexible.
  • avoid any financial aid or billing issues.


Registration will open for you based on your number of earned credits, which includes transfer credits but does not include courses you are currently taking.


Open registration kickoff week:

  • Monday of Week 4: Seniors (91+ credits) and all veterans/current military service members
  • Tuesday of Week 4: Juniors (61-90)
  • Wednesday of Week 4: Sophomores (31-60)
  • Thursday of Week 4: All students  


Registration automatically opens at midnight for each group.

Why do we stagger registration?

There are many reasons why colleges stagger their first registration week, but the main reason we do this is so that students who are getting close to graduation are able to register for the classes they need to finish before the courses fill. It's important to remember that students preparing to graduate have fewer courses and course requirements left to take, so it's essential that they are able to get the courses they need. Whereas, students with fewer credits have more flexibility in their courses and course requirements, so registration opens up for them later.


We also stagger registration in order to give newer students additional time to see their advisor before they are able to schedule their courses. Students who have more credits tend to already have their courses mapped out and are comfortable with the registration system, so they may not need to check-in with an advisor every time them register. 

Online Registration

The College uses an online registration system that ensure that our students have equitable access to course registration.  You will log-in to the single-sign on system and then click the Student Portal tile to access the system.


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