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Guaranteed Buyback: Basics

Guaranteed Buyback is a program of Central Penn's online bookstore which lets you know up front exactly how much you can get back when you sell your book back to them (provided you return the book on time and in good condition).  This program is a great way to maximize the value of your textbook purchases.  It is not available on all titles, but it will be clearly indicated as shown in the example below:

In this example, the most cost-effective option is to purchase a Used copy of the book for $140.00, which the bookstore will guarantee to buy back for at least $83.90.  That means after you sell the book back and then get your money back after the term ends, you will have spent $56.10 for your book for that course.  If you chose to Rent the book, which is less money at the start, you will need to return the book--but won't get any money back.  By purchasing Used and taking advantage of the Guaranteed Buyback, you come out ahead $27.80 over renting.

Guaranteed Buyback books are due back to the online bookstore within 14 days of the course end date--so you can keep the book(s) until you're finished with finals, etc.

If you use the Guaranteed Buyback program and pay with your voucher, you will still be able to choose either PayPal or a check to receive your money back.

You can read the full details about Guaranteed Buyback on the bookstore's website, by going to the Help Center and clicking on "Selling Textbooks / Guaranteed Buyback."


Questions about the Guaranteed Buyback program or other textbook issues?  You can also contact Central Penn's Textbook Coordinator, Karen Jury, at 717-728-2249 or by email at