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Ebooks: Accessing Purchased Ebooks via MBS Website

There are 2 ways to access your ebooks purchased from the school bookstore (MBS): through the MBS Direct Bookshelf in Blackboard and at the MBS Direct website itself.  For instructions on accessing via Blackboard, please visit the Purchased Ebooks via Blackboard page.

**To access ebooks which were paid for with course materials fees (most business and accounting courses), please see Ebook Access via First Day Digital Materials on the Inclusive Access (First Day Access) page.  Ebooks provided through this program will NOT appear in your account on the MBS Direct website.

If you're not sure where your ebook(s) should appear, please contact the Textbook Coordinator (

To access your ebooks at the MBS Direct website, you will need to log in first.  **If you have only logged in to the bookstore site with your voucher information, you will first need to 'create' your account password before you can access your ebooks.  Please see box below ("Need Your Password?") for instructions.

1. After you have logged in to your account, it should look similar to this:

2. Click on "View Your Digital Content."

3. Now you should see the ebook(s) you have purchased.  Click "Access Content" next to the ebook you want to access.

4. Now you will be re-directed to the VitalSource Bookshelf.  (VitalSource is the name of the platform that hosts the ebooks.)  Where it asks for an Email, enter your school email address.

5. If you have used VitalSource Bookshelf before for other ebooks, you should be taken directly to your new ebook.  If you haven not used the VS Bookshelf before, you'll need to register: pick whatever Security Question and Answer you choose, a password you'll remember, and click to agree to the Terms of Used, before clicking on "Finish."

Then you should see your ebook.

If you do not see your book (or are missing a book(s)), please call VitalSource Support at 1-855-200-4146.

Need Your Password?

**IMPORTANT: If you have only used a Voucher to make purchases from the MBS Bookstore, you must first 'create' your account password before you can access your ebooks.

1. After clicking "Log In To Your Account" on the MBS Direct homepage, you will see "Existing Customers" on the left side of the screen, asking for an email address and password.  Click on "Forgot Your Password?"

2. Next, enter your school email address (e.g. [since that is the address associated with the voucher purchases] and then click "Submit."

3. Find the Password Reset email in your school email mailbox (check Clutter folder or other folders if you don't see it in your Inbox).

4. Click on the included link, which should take you to a page where you can Enter and Re-Enter a password.

5. Next, return to the MBS Direct site, click "Log In To Your Account," and enter your school email address and the password you just created on the "Existing Customers" side.

Then you should see your account information as shown in the box above (Ebooks: Accessing Purchased Ebooks via MBS Website).

If you do NOT see your purchased ebook(s), please contact the Textbook Coordinator at