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Health Science: Health Science Courses

Program guide for the Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Core Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science requires 73 credits of core classes in addition to general education, elective, and choice coursework totaling 121 credits.

Students must take IDS400 Topics in Multiculturalism, and as part of the general education requirements, SOC100 Sociology to fulfill the Scientific Reasoning requirement, MTH105 College Algebra to fulfill the Quantitative fluency requirement, ALH255 Medical Law & Ethics to fulfill the Global Citizenship requirement, and IDS403 Independent Study in Special Topics to fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement.

Health Science students are also required to take the following 4 courses under the Health & Wellness Intersection: BIO105Human Development, SCI220 Holistic Health, PSY220 Abnormal Psychology, & PHI210 Death & Dying.

Below are the required courses for the program.

ALH120 Anatomy Physiology books & ebooks

ALH130 & 165 Anatomy & Physiology II+ books & ebooks

See also titles listed under ALH120 & 155

ALH255 Medical Law & Ethics books & ebooks

ALH330 Healthcare Policies & Politics books & ebooks

BIO105 Human Development books & ebooks

BIO230 Advanced Biology I books & ebooks

BIO330 Advanced Biology II books & ebooks

CHM200 Introduction to Chemistry books & ebooks

CHM310 Organic Chemistry books & ebooks

CHM400 Biochemistry books & ebooks

MTH105 College Algebra books & ebooks

MTH200 Statistics books & ebooks

MTH245 Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry books & ebooks

PHI210 Death & Dying books & ebooks

PHY200 General Physics I books & ebooks

PHY300 General Physics II books & ebooks

PSY100 Psychology books & ebooks

PSY220 Abnormal Psychology books & ebooks

SCI100 Basic Nutrition books & ebooks

SCI220 Holistic Health books & ebooks

SCI300 Genetics books & ebooks

SCI320 Advanced Nutrition for Healthcare Providers

SCI330 Advanced Pharmacology books & ebooks

SCI350 Research Methods

SOC100 Sociology books & ebooks