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CTE - Reflective Teaching

This guide provides resources and best practices for fauclty engaged in reflective teaching. These include resources on creating a teaching portfolio and teaching philosophy.


Reflective teaching is defined as engaging in a process of self-review and personal observation about teaching.  This guide will provide you with resources on how to engage in reflective teaching practice and how to document your reflections.  You will learn how to create a teaching philosophy that encapsulates how you see yourself and a teaching portfolio that will document your progress over time.

Reflecting on teaching means taking time to recognize, understand, and evaluate not only your teaching practices, but the beliefs that drive those practices. As you reflect, ask yourself:
  • why is this practice important to me?
  • what does it say about my approach to the learning situation?
  • what assumptions does this practice make about students and their learning?
  • does this practice connect what I believe about myself as an educator?
  • what can I do to enhance this practice to align with my beliefs or change this practice to align with them?


These questions will help you to better understand not only your stated beliefs about teaching and learning but your underlying ones as well. 

Don't forget that the CTE offers certificates of reflective teaching through their Teaching Excellence Program. Learn more about the program here.