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Learning Center - Study Skills

This guide reviews study skills, including effective note-taking, test-taking, and reading.

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When you annotate a text, you are making notes on the text (whether the text is digital or paper) and engaging in a conversation with the information.  Annotations may be

  • marks or symbols that draw your attention to a certain passage
  • comments in places interest or confusion
  • reflections or insights that come to mind


The annotations you make should be meaningful to you, so that you can use them later when you are:

  • pulling evidence for a research paper or project
  • studying core concepts, theories, and terms for a test
  • recalling important information for class discussion
  • learning new concepts that build on the current information


Here is one example of annotated text, so you can get a sense for what this process looks like:


When annotating a text, consider the following Keys to Success:


When you've finished annotating the text: