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Learning Center - Study Skills

This guide reviews study skills, including effective note-taking, test-taking, and reading.


This guide contains resources on a variety of study skills that college students use throughout the course of their academic career, including note-taking, reading skills, studying for tests, and taking tests.  


As you review these materials and prepare for your coursework, it's good to keep in mind the concept of cognitive load.  Cognitive load refers to the amount of information that your working memory can hold at a given time.  When studying, understanding the limits of your cognitive load will be an important consideration for how you study, when you study, and what you study.   


To help you manage your cognitive load

Here are some Keys to Success to help you remove distractions:

  • If on the computer, exit from websites you do not need to study.
  • Turn off notifications from social media and texts.
  • Hang signs or set out-of-office messages to let others know when you're available.



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