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Learning Center - Study Skills

This guide reviews study skills, including effective note-taking, test-taking, and reading.


Studying for tests is a common (and often dreaded) part of the college experience.  Students sometimes procrastinate studying for their tests because of their anxiety about the test and its outcomes.  Other students may even decide to “wing it” rather than face their anxiety.  It’s important to remember, however, that professors use tests as a way to gauge student learning.  You should think of these as opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and learning to your professor and show off what you know.  


Review the following Keys to Success when it comes to studying for tests:


Get comfortable: find a quiet place to study, use ambient music to help you relax, and find a place where you can relax. Make it part of the routine: review your notes before and after class and write short reflections on the materials to keep the information fresh! Plan ahead: when you know there is a test coming up, you should plan to use resources, such as campus tutors, to help you prepare. Look at previous work: gather your previous work and exams to review places where you are confident about the material and places that need more attention. Block your time: study for thirty minutes at a time; build in breaks to avoid cognitive overload. Create a study group: review and exchange notes, ask one another questions, and quiz one another on the material.



Don't forget to download our Keys to Success in the Quick Access Printables box.