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Academic Affairs - Lifelong Learning Program

This guide provides information for students and chairs on the lifelong learning credit program at the college. Students can review the eligibility, portfolio, and submission information. Chairs can review the evaluation process and rubric.

Students seeking lifelong learning credits (LLL) should review the following process:


1.   Review the portfolio process. You will meet with your admissions counselor and/or program director to discuss the courses that correspond with your work/life experience. To prepare for this meeting, you should review the portfolio requirements to determine what evidence you will need to create to explain, justify, and document your experience. If possible, you should bring drafts of your portfolio and/or evidence with you to help make this meeting effective and efficient.  


2. Meet with Program Director to review the LLL rubric. You will meet with your Program Director to ask any questions you have about the process and review the rubric that will be used to evaluate your portfolio.

New Student Applicants: Your admissions counselor will coordinate this meeting.

Current Students: You will work with the program director directly to coordinate this meeting. 


3. Request syllabi. These syllabi will help you to provide evidence and justifications in your portfolio. You will need to address specific learning outcomes and course descriptions during your justification. 

New Student Applicants: With the assistance of your admissions counselor, you will receive the requested syllabus for each course for which you are attempting to translate academic credits.

Current Students: You will contact your program director to request the syllabus for each course for which you are attempting to translate academic credits.


4. Prepare the portfolio. Students may select either a hard copy or digital format for their portfolio: 

Hard Copy:  All components must be placed in a binder and separated by tabs into the appropriate categories. The front of the binder should be labeled as “Petition for Academic Credit for Work/Life Experience” along with your name, date, and program.  Hard copy submissions should be submitted in-person.

Digital Copy: Students will need to select an appropriate electronic platform to create their portfolio. The digital portfolio should be labeled with all of the appropriate categories.  The web address can be submitted via email.


5. Submit the portfolio. 

New Student Applicants: Your portfolio will be submitted directly to your admissions counselor. Your counselor will provide it to the program director.  

Current Students: Your portfolio will be submitted directly to your program director for evaluation. 


6.   Receive notification(s). The approval process is as follows:

If approved by the program director, the program director will send all of the materials to the Vice President of Academic Affairs / Provost for final approval. The student will receive final approval in the form of a letter from the Office of the VPAA/P notifying you of your approval.

Please note that the awarded credits will only be added to your college transcript once the business office receives your payment. Payments cannot be made using financial aid. Once payment is received, you will receive notification that your transcripts have been updated. 

An application can be rejected by the program director or VPAA/P at any time during this process. The decision at every level is final. If your submission is not approved, you will receive a letter providing you with that notification and the rationale.