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Tutor Essentials training

We have outsourced some training on the basic skills of tutoring to a great (if lengthy) resource provided by Purdue University, called Tutor Essentials. This training can be accessed at

Click the button that says "BUY NOW." Select the COUPON option and paste the code centralpennte. This will take the cost down to $0. Next, login using an Apple, Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account, or create your own account with your email address. Select COMPLETE PURCHASE to enter the training site.

When you complete the training, screenshot or print your certificate of completion to show to your supervisor.

Tutoring through questions

The key to effective tutoring (or teaching!) is asking effective questions.

Watch and read this silent video presentation on six types of questions you should ask students as they progress through a tutoring session with you. Consider some of the questions you can ask students who meet with you!

There is also an attached handout that lists the six types of questions along with examples of each.

Both the presentation and the handout are taken from BYU-Idaho.

Teaching study skills