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Capstone Guide

Online research guide for Capstone students

Diverse Communities

When writing the Multicultural Awareness part of the assignment, you need to critically analyze and assess how your proposed solution will affect diverse groups of people in the community as well as stakeholders.

What diverse groups should I think about?

Make sure you think about these concepts of populations (and any others that might be affected by your solution):

  • ethnic majority and minorities
  • race
  • different generations (or more specific age groups)
  • religious differences
  • both genders
  • sexual orientation
  • different socioeconomic statuses; differences in 
    • income
    • education
    • occupation type (blue collar versus white collar)
  • people living in the United States versus other countries (or take a more local perspective)
  • people with physical or mental disabilities
  • the digital divide (people who live in areas with abundant internet versus people who have no access to the internet)
  • stakeholders - who is contributing to the success or failure of your solution?


How will you overcome or address any barriers to your solution based on multicultural differences?

Don't know how?

Here are some tips:

  • Be creative; brainstorm; think outside the box
    • Consider the problem from as many perspectives as possible
  • Conduct interviews with people who may have a different perspective than you
  • Search to see if there are any existing solutions similar to yours
    • If so, how are those solutions addressing multicultural differences? Critically analyze if those same methods would be effective and how you should modify them for your specific proposal.
  • Try to come up with more than one solution (if possible) so that no one is overlooked and any multicultural barriers are being addressed in multiple ways