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Communications: Other Communications Courses

Online guide for the Communications and Corporate Communications programs

COM101 Introduction to Human Communication books & ebooks

COM112 Digital Photography books & ebooks

COM115 Digital Image Editing books & ebooks

COM235 Management Proposal Writing books & ebooks

COM240 News Editing & Design books & ebooks

COM245 Opinion Writing books & ebooks

COM275 Web Design 1

COM285 Media & Society books & ebooks

COM295 Media & Politics books & ebooks

COM390 Public Affairs Reporting books & ebooks

COM395 Photojournalism books & ebooks

COM405 Crisis Communications books & ebooks

COM410 Media Events Planning books & ebooks

COM425 Fundraising & Grant Writing books & ebooks

COM450 Propaganda and Policy

COM465 Selected Topics in Media Studies

Topic subject to change. Items listed below based on latest topic.