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Evaluating Sources: CRAAP test

Using the CRAAP test to evaluate sources

Evaluating Sources

It used to be that publishing your work was relatively difficult. Today anyone can publish their work or thoughts by creating a blog or website, or even self-publishing an entire book. This makes knowing how to evaluate a source increasingly important.

We recommend using the CRAAP test. The CRAAP test was developed by the Meriam Library at California State University at Chico. By utilizing the five criteria that make up the CRAAP test you can determine whether or not any source, from website to encyclopedia entry, is credible.

Currency - the timeliness of the source

Relevance - the ability of the source to meet your needs

Accuracy - the information within the source is correct

Authority - the qualifications of the author to write about a subject, and the reputation of the publisher or sponsor

Purpose - the reason the source was created

Use the worksheet below to help determine the credibility of your source


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