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Healthcare Management: Healthcare Management Choice Courses

This degree can offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to expand clinical roles, or career advancement into supervisory, management, or educational positions.


Below the choice courses for the BS in Healthcare Management program. Keep in mind there are also general education, core, elective requirements and prerequisites for many of the classes. Students with professional credentials take 12 credits of choice courses (9 of those credits at 300 level or above). Students who do not possess professional credentials will be required to take 27 healthcare management choice credits (21 of those credits at 300 level or above). The Choice Courses for the BS in Healthcare Management are listed below. IDS400 Topics in Multiculturalism is also one of the options for a choice course.

ALH365 Issues & Trends in Healthcare books & ebooks

ALH370 Healthcare Informatics books & ebooks

ALH375 Interprofessional Healthcare Team books & ebooks

ALH400 Hospital & Health Services Administration books & ebooks

ALH410 Health Economics & Financing Strategies books & ebooks

ALH420 Healthcare Planning & Marketing books & ebooks

BUS215 Microeconomics books & ebooks

BUS230 Principles of Marketing books & ebooks

BUS302 Health, Safety and Security books & ebooks

BUS345 Operations Management books & ebooks

BUS355 Project Management books & ebooks

BUS380 Business Policy Formulation books & ebooks

BUS401 Organizational Process Improvement books & ebooks

BUS402 Organizational Change Management books & ebooks

BUS450 Labor Relations books & ebooks

BUS460 Evalutation and Assessment books & ebooks

PHI210 Death & Dying books & ebooks

SOC400 Leadership in Society books & ebooks