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CTE - Using McGraw-Hill Connect

A Guide for Central Penn College Business Faculty

Getting Started: Step-by-step

Before you Begin

To get started with Connect, make sure you complete the Connect Training & Implementation Series available in the Success Academy. This includes:

  • Module 1 - Course Consultation (establishing course goals)
  • Module 2 - Learn the Basics (navigation and functionality)
  • Module 3 - Build Your Course and Assignments
  • Module 4 - Class Start Readiness (Blackboard Integration and First Day of class prep)
  • Module 5 - Reports

Pairing a Provided Connect Template with Blackboard

If a template is provided for your course, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Blackboard course shell
  2. Click on Course Tools and select McGraw-Hill Higher Education
  3. Click on Pair Course with a Connect Section then select a section in an existing Connect course
  4. Select the appropriate course and then the section and click Save


Connect Success Academy

Success Academy

McGraw-Hill Connect Success Academy is a website designed to help instructors properly integrate McGraw-Hill Connect into their courses.

This website includes:

  • The Connect Training Series (course consultation, learning the basics, building your course and assignments, class start readiness, and running reports)
  • Information on LMS integration
  • Detailed videos and guides on using McGraw Hill Connect
  • Downloadable Guides to help you introduce McGraw Hill Connect to students

Connect Implementation Training is a dynamic suite of self-service training options - including webinars, videos, and Implementation Guides. Various options are offered so faculty can find the style of training that best accommodates their personal learning preferences. Working through all of the topics on this site in sequential order will ensure the most effective implementation experience, as well as the most successful student outcomes.