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Plagiarism 4 Responses: Is Plagiarism

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You're right!

This IS an example of plagiarism because it did not include all the necessary elements of a citation for a quotation:

  • The quoted text MUST be enclosed in quotation marks

When you are using someone else's exact words, you must enclose them in quotation marks.  Without quotation marks, you are telling the reader that you used your own words to paraphrase from the original source.

Here's what was correct about the citation:

  • The author, year, and page number were all included


Here’s how we could cite the source correctly and prevent plagiarism:

"Rather, think of creating a plan for corporate change that lays out what business change will be accomplished and when.  Then map out how your company’s various constituencies (e.g. customers, suppliers, workers, and shareholders) will experience those changes" (Champy, 2004, p. 176)

Champy, J. (2004). Why execution is the source of competitiveness. In J. Kurtzman, G. Rifkin, & V. Griffith (Eds.), MBA in a box: Practical ideas from the best brains in business. New York: Crown Business.

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