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Election Information

This guide is designed to help you be prepared to vote. Included is information about voter registration and sites where you can access credible sources about the candidates in order to make informed decisions in voting.


In the Pennsylvania primary, you will be voting for who will represent your political party in the general election.

In the general election, Pennsylvanians will be voting for Governor & Lt. Governor, as well as U.S. Senate and possibly U.S. House Representatives and Pennsylvania's congress. Representative seats that are up for election, and candidates vary by your voting district.  To find out which districts  you are in, use provides you with all candidates who are running in the 2022 general and special elections. You can search by political party, municipality, office, district name, and county. You can also get to know the candidates by clicking on their name. 

State and local primary candidate information for Cumberland County can be found here.

Not from Pennsylvania? Find voting information for your state on