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Election Information

This guide is designed to help you be prepared to vote. Included is information about voter registration and sites where you can access credible sources about the candidates in order to make informed decisions in voting.

Choosing a party

Find out which political party your views align with

The Pew Research Center offers the Political Typology Quiz to help determine which political party you agree with more often.

The quiz available from Isidewith allows you to see how your beliefs match each political party's views.  As you progress through the quiz you are able to rank how important each issue is to you on a scale of one to five. In your results 'My Parties' will show how closely you agree with the various political parties. The 'My Ballot' tab will show the percentage of issues you agree on with the Candidates.

Other info

Within the VoteSmart website you can find Voting records and positions they have taken on issues (Political Courage Test), search for a politician's name to find biographical and contact Information for them, campaign funding, and which groups have endorsed them.