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Occupational Therapy Assistant: OTA Courses

Online research guide for OTA majors

Occupational Therapy Assistant program requirements

The Associate in Applied Science Occupational Therapy Assistant degree program requires 30 credits of general education and elective coursework in addition to 49 credits of core coursework, totaling 79 credits.  All OTA students must take PSY220 Abnormal Psychology. Listed below are the OTA core courses.

ALH120 Anatomy Physiology books & ebooks

ALH130 & 165 Anatomy & Physiology II+ books & ebooks

See also titles listed under ALH120 & 155

OTA100 Fundamentals of OT books & ebooks

OTA108 Therapeutic Techniques I books & ebooks

OTA110 Therapeutic Techniques II books & ebooks

OTA200 Developmental OT books & ebooks

OTA205 OT in Mental Health books & ebooks

OTA210 OT in Physical Rehabilitation books & ebooks

OTA215 Developing Professional Behaviors in OT books & ebooks

OTA220 OT in Geriatrics books & ebooks