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Office 365

How to use the tools available through your student email and Office 365, and earn badges in Office Technology

Computers in the Computer labs

All computers on campus have Single-Sign On and restore technology called "Deep Freeze". To sign onto a computer with SSO, follow the instructions on the screen.

Utilization of Deep Freezes means that every time someone logs off of a computer in the computer labs the computer is "wiped" - all of the files and browser histories will not be visible to the next person who logs in. This helps protect your privacy and security.

DO NOT SAVE TO THE COMPUTER! Save all of your documents in your OneDrive. Even though there will be a folder with your name on the desktop of the computer this folder will NOT save your files. The folder is created when you log onto the computer with SSO, but that is only on that computer. If you save to that folder the document will not be in that folder when you go to another computer. The Deep Freeze software will delete anything saved on the computer. So use OneDrive!