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Entrepreneurship & Small Business: ENTR-SB Courses

Online research guide for Entrepreneurship & Small Business Associate's Degree

Entrepreneurship & SB Courses

Students pursuing the Associate in Science in Entrepreneurship and Small Business degree must complete the courses listed on this page along with other general education requirements.

ACC100 Accounting I books & ebooks

ACC110 Accounting II books & ebooks

ACC200 Managerial Accounting books & ebooks

ACC220 Income Tax books & resources

BUS100 Introduction to Business books & ebooks

BUS120 Spreadsheet Applications books & ebooks

BUS200 Finance I books & ebooks

BUS215 Microeconomics books & ebooks

BUS220 Principles of Management books & ebooks

BUS230 Principles of Marketing books & ebooks

BUS245 Human Resources books & ebooks

BUS270 Entrepreneurship & Small Business books & ebooks

COM101 Introduction to Human Communication books & ebooks

ENG101 College Composition I books & ebooks

ENG102 College Composition II books & ebooks