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Advising Center - Transitioning to College

This guide provides information about making the transition to college for freshmen and transfer students.


As a new college student, you are going to have questions--and we want you to ask them!  While anyone on campus will help you, it's always good to go directly to the source.  For academic questions, you will want to contact the appropriate person, so that you can have your questions answered efficiently:



In most instances, your professor will be able to answer your questions and should therefore be your first stop.  We'll also review some of the other persons and positions that you may need to reach out to during your time at the College.


If you have a quick question, you can always email your professor, allowing twenty-four hours for a response. If it is a more involved question, you can talk to the professor before or after class (assuming their schedule permits), during office hours, or by making an email appointment.  Usually, a 'best method of contact' is usually listed on the course syllabus.


The Program Chair oversees your program, including the curriculum, the faculty, and the scheduling.  Program Chairs can answer your questions about your courses in your major, graduation requirements, and major requirements.  You can locate your Program Chair by visiting the College's website and searching by School. Program Chairs supervise the faculty in their discipline.


The Academic Dean oversees the college's various 'schools' or a collection of departments and programs that are related fields of academic study.  The Academic Dean supervises college and school policies and supports the faculty and students in their school.  You can locate your Academic Dean by visiting the College's website and searching by school. 


Central Penn College's academics are organized under the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) / Provost.  The VPAA / Provost oversees academic life, including the mission of the college, the implementation and enforcement of college policies, the recruiting and assessment of faculty, and more.  The VPAA / Provost directly supervises the Academic Deans.