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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Learn how to request articles and books that Central Penn does not own

Full-Text Article Requests - Gale

Many articles in Gale are available right away, either in HTML full text (shown automatically, visible when scrolling down the page [not shown]) or available to download as a PDF via toolbar buttons:

However, if you find a citation to an article in Gale that is not available in full text (either Abstract only or Citation only), we can request the article for you from another library. 

On the page that lists the article information, click on the "Send to" icon in the top toolbar (looks like a paper airplane) or the "Email" icon (envelope) right below the article information.


A box will appear.  If clicking the "Send to" icon, next click on "Email."

In the "To" field, enter  In the "From" field, enter your school email addressClick the Send button. 

(You can use an address other than your school address, but then please provide your full name so we can verify you are from Central Penn.)

The process is not immediate, but articles are usually provided within 2-3 business days.

You will receive an email either with instructions for how to access the article (a URL to visit and a password) or with a PDF of the article attached.