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Legal Studies & Paralegal: KeyCite

Online research guide for Legal Studies & Paralegal majors

Using the KeyCite feature in Westlaw

KeyCite is Westlaw's name for its feature that indicates whether or not a piece of its content is still good law or not.  This is very important when doing research--you do not want to cite a case/regulation, etc. that is no longer valid!

A Red flag indicates that the case, administrative decision, statute or regulation has been overturned (or part(s) of it overturned), repealed, or superceded (as applicable).

A Yellow flag indicates that the item in question has some negative history but has not been overturned/repealed, etc.

*Negative history/treatment, as the name implies, means that there has been some discussion in other cases, etc. about whether the case at hand is still valid.

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