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Legal Studies & Paralegal: Legal Studies Courses

Online research guide for Legal Studies & Paralegal majors

Paralegal (AS) & Legal Studies (BS) program requirements

The Paralegal program (AS) requires 36 credits of general education and elective* requirements in addition to 40 credits of core courses, totaling 76 credits.

The Legal Studies program (BS) requires 60 credits of general education and elective requirements along with 52 credits in the core courses and an additional 12 credits of choice classes, totaling 124 credits.

Below are the core courses within these programs. Choice courses and Other courses (LGS courses offered but not required by the program) will be indicated in the box title.

*LGS180, LGS220, & LGS310 are highly recommended courses for the Paralegal program

COM101 Introduction to Human Communication books & ebooks

COM340 Communications Law books & ebooks (Choice for BS)

CRI315 Advanced Issues in Evidence books & ebooks (Choice for BS)

CRI365 Cyber Investigation books & ebooks (Choice for BS)

ENG101 College Composition I books & ebooks

ENG102 College Composition II books & ebooks

LGS110 Foundations in Law Books & Ebooks

LGS130 Principles of Legal Research Resources

LGS135 Legal Research and Writing I Books & Ebooks

LGS140 Civil Litigation I Books & Ebooks

LGS170 Criminal Procedure Books and Ebooks

LGS180 Historical Perspectives of the Constitution Books and Ebooks (Core for BS, recommended for Paralegal)

LGS200 Contracts Books and Ebooks

LGS210 Evidence Books and Ebooks

LGS220 Torts Books and Ebooks (Core for BS, recommended for Paralegal)

LGS230 Civil Litigation II Books & Ebooks

LGS260 Administrative Law Books & Ebooks

LGS265 Criminal Law Books & Ebooks

LGS280 Legal Research and Writing II Books & Ebooks

LGS310 Legal Communications Books & Ebooks (Core for BS, recommended for AS)

LGS340 Advanced Legal Research and Writing Books& Ebooks (Core for BS)

LGS370 Alternative Dispute Resolution Books & Ebooks (Choice for BS)

LGS400 Advanced Criminal Procedure Books & Ebooks (Choice for BS)

LGS410 Advanced Constitutional Law Books & Ebooks (Choice for BS)

LGS415 Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution (Choice for BS)

LGS420 Advanced Criminal Law (Choice for BS)

LGS160 Wills and Probate Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS190 Family Law Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS225 Political Assassinations Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS217 Employment Law Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS250 Business Law Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS270 Business Organizations Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS275 Bankruptcy Law Books & Ebooks (Other)

LGS290 Fundamentals of Real Estate Law Books & Ebooks (Other)