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Legal Studies & Paralegal: Legal Studies Courses

Online research guide for Legal Studies & Paralegal majors

Paralegal (AS) & Legal Studies (BS) program requirements

The Associate in Science (AS) Paralegal program  requires 21 credits of general education and elective requirements, in addition to 39 credits of core courses, totaling 60 credits.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) Legal Studies program requires 42 credits of general education (27 credits of foundation courses + 12 credits from declared intersection + 3 credits of experiential learning) in addition to core and elective classes totaling 120 credits. Elective coursework can not fulfill any other program requirement. Declaring a minor in something other than Legal Studies will also fulfill the elective requirement.

Both programs require LGS285 Legal Seminar and an Internship or Capstone. Below are the core courses within these programs.

Effective Summer 2022, all Legal Studies courses have been renumbered with an LGL designation.

Widener 2+3 students complete 51 Legal Studies core credits and 39 general education credits (and an additional 30 credits at Widener).

LGL100/LGS110 Foundations in Law Books & Ebooks

LGL110/LGS130 Principles of Legal Research Resources Books & Ebooks

LGL120/LGS180 Historical Perspectives of the Constitution Books & Ebooks (not required for AS, required for BS)

LGL130/LGS210 Evidence Books & Ebooks

LGL210/LGS135 Legal Research and Writing I Books & Ebooks

LGL211/LGS280 Legal Research and Writing II Books & Ebooks

LGL220/LGS140 Civil Litigation I Books & Ebooks

LGL221/LGS230 Civil Litigation II Books & Ebooks

LGL230/LGS220 Torts Books & Ebooks (required for BS, recommended for Paralegal)

LGL240/LGS200 Contracts Books & Ebooks

LGL250/LGS265 Criminal Law Books & Ebooks

LGL260/LGS170 Criminal Procedure (not required for AS or Widener2+3, required for BS) Books & Ebooks

LGL270/LGS160 Wills and Probate Books & Ebooks

LGL280/LGS190 Family Law Books & Ebooks

LGL300/LGS260 Administrative Law (not required for AS, required for BS) Books & Ebooks

LGL310/LGS217 Employment Law (not required for AS, required for BS) Books & Ebooks

LGL350/LGS370 Alternative Dispute Resolution Books & Ebooks (not required for AS, required for BS)

LGL400/LGS340 Advanced Legal Research and Writing Books& Ebooks (not required for AS or Widener 2+3, required for BS)

LGL410/LGS285 Legal Seminar (not required for Widener 2+3) Books & Ebooks

LGL450 LSAT/LSAC PReparation (only required for Widener 2+3)