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Faculty Resources and Services: Textbook Procedures

Learn about library resources and how to use them to improve your teaching.

Background: Textbook Changes

To give faculty members the autonomy to choose what they believe are the best resources for their courses, textbook changes no longer go through the curriculum review committee.  However, there is still a process that must be followed so that textbook information can be communicated to the students in a timely manner.  This is important both for students to be prepared for the first day of class and to comply with HEOA regulations and guidelines--which would ideally have the book information available when students register (starting Week 4 of the prior term). Due to our compressed academic timetable here, we attempt to provide that information at the beginning of Week 4 of the prior term, which is when HACC's bookstore opens.

Eligible students can use Financial Aid to purchase their textbooks or other course materials only from the school's official bookstore. Some students can only afford their textbooks by utilizing their financial aid. The textbook information must be provided to the bookstore in time for them to stock the desired materials. The textbook information is also provided directly to the students via the Student Portal and the Course Schedule, so that students have time to purchase their materials from whichever vendor they choose (if they do not need to purchase from the school bookstore). The ability to comparison shop for course materials is also part of the HEOA guidelines.

COURSE MATERIALS FEES: Now that we have added the option to charge students a course materials fee (to their tuition bill) in order to provide their materials directly from the school, it will be possible to use that process for materials for courses outside the Business/Accounting departments.  However, due to requirements to notify students in advance of the fee, a decision to start using this process for a course must be finalized prior to the opening of course registration for the next term (which opens Week 4).  

Textbook Deadlines

Week 1: The Associate Provost shares a potential list of textbooks to be used in the following term and solicits any changes by Week 2.

Weeks 2-3: To add materials to a course utilizing the Course Materials Fee option, decisions must be finalized and communicated to the Textbook Coordinator by the beginning the end of Week 2 (term prior to use of the materials).

Week 3: The finalized list is shared with the HACC Bookstore and texts are posted prior to the Week 4 Registration period. 

Weeks 4-6: Course Registration is open for the next term. Any courses with Course Materials fees associated with them should be listed accordingly.

Friday, Week 6: Any desired textbook/materials changes (for use during the next term) must be communicated to the Associate Provost by 12 PM.

Sunday, Week 6: Open Course Registration closes at 11:59 PM.

This gives students 9 weeks to plan for and obtain their course materials prior to the first day of class.

**Attempting to change materials after this date seriously hinders the ability of students to have their materials before classes start.  Also, although some students wait, there are plenty of students who purchase their materials soon after the information becomes available--so last-minute changes might mean students need to return books.**

Textbook Change Process

Textbooks listed on the syllabi as maintained in Teams are considered accurate and up-to-date.

  1. When a faculty member determines that a textbook change is necessary, he or she should communicate the desired change to their Program Chair.
  2. The Program Chair updates the syllabus in the Teams with the new textbook information.
  3. The Program Chair emails the Associate Provost that a textbook change has been made to [CourseNumber], and that the new information is available on the syllabus in Teams.
  4. The Associate Provost updates the book information with the bookstore and in CampusNexus.

Adopting Courseware

Please contact your program/department chair or dean BEFORE adopting courseware--even if it accompanies the textbook(s) already chosen for the course or is available for free.

*Most courseware that accompanies textbooks involves an additional cost to the student--especially if they purchase the book alone before being informed they will need courseware access.  Book/courseware bundles are usually available and need to be offered in the school bookstore.  Even if courseware access alone is sufficient for the course, the option to purchase that access must still be available in the school bookstore (so students can use their financial aid).

*If courseware needs to be integrated into Blackboard (and/or software needs installed on lab computers), this must be discussed with IT and/or the LMS Administrator by Week 6 of the prior term to ensure both faculty and students have a successful experience.

*If possible, courseware and/or software should be compatible with both PC and Mac, and/or available via internet/cloud access.  If chosen courseware/software is NOT compatible with both (problems are usually with Mac compatibility), that information must be communicated to the Textbook Coordinator so that students can be informed.

*Courseware and/or software should be evaluated for accessibility to students with learning and/or physical disabilities or impairments.


If the Library owns a copy of the current edition of a textbook (print or ebook), it will automatically be placed on Reserve.  The Library does NOT own copies of all textbooks.  The Library Director sends a copy of the next term's textbook list, detailing which books the Library does and does not own, to faculty during Week 9 of the prior term.

The Library will also put other items on Reserve by faculty request:

  • Faculty personal copy of the textbook
  • Faculty personal cop(ies) of other books and/or DVDs
  • Photocopies of pages of the textbook and/or other book(s) (if permissible under copyright restrictions)
  • Library items, including:
    • Older edition(s) of textbooks
    • Supplemental books (e.g. books on the course topic), including books from the Reference section
    • DVDs

Student Textbook Informatin

Textbook information for students can be found on the Textbook Information guide. This includes information about the Student Portal, the Online Bookstore, how to use E-textbooks, how to use a financial aid voucher, McGraw-Hill Connect, and Textbook buyback.

Textbook Desk Copy Requests

Full-time Faculty:

Full-time faculty are responsible for contacting textbook publishers to request examination and desk copies, as well as access to instructor's resources when needed.  If you have questions about how/who to contact, please visit the Contacts for Publishers tab of this guide.

Part-time Faculty:

Part-time faculty who need desk copies and/or access to instructor's resources should contact textbook publishers to request examination and desk copies, as well as access to instructor's resources when needed.  If you have questions about how/who to contact, please visit the Contacts for Publishers tab of this guide. If assistance is needed please contact the Associate Provost. 

Contact the Library

The Library is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,  & Friday from 10AM - 5PM and Wednesday from 1PM - 8PM.

If you need help from the librarian or need to access the library resources outside of those hours let us know!

Call or text 717-728-2500 or email to make an appointment.

Remember the Learning Hub is also open with lots of great faculty and staff willing to help with tutoring, advising, and general questions.

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