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Online Resources: Credo

Learn about the library's online resources: what types of sources they contain, search strategies, and unique features.

About Credo Reference

Credo Reference

CREDO Reference is a great place to begin your research, with dictionary definitions and encyclopedia entries from a variety of reliable reference sources to provide you with lots of background information. In addition, you can use CREDO to find biographical information and quotations. Topic pages in CREDO link you directly to other library online resources, such as EBSCO and Gale databases, Opposing Viewpoints, and Ebook Central. The Mind Map provides a visual image of your topic and the concepts related to it to help you narrow broad topics and find related material.

Accessing Credo

Do I have to log in?

If you are using a campus computer or campus WiFi, you should be able to directly access the resource. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to log in using your Single Sign-On username and password. Contact the library if you have any problems accessing the resource.

Searching in Credo

  1. Conduct a quick search by entering key words in the search bar, OR
  2. Use the “Find Topic Pages” to browse topics alphabetically or by category, OR
  3. Click the Mind Map tab to enter keywords and search visually.


Quick Search: Enter a search term, such as democracy, and execute the search. Options for narrowing your results by subject, type of entry or media, length, etc. appear to the left of your results.

  • The first result in your results list may be a “Topic Page,” which provides you with an overview article, definitions, related topics, images, and links to other library online resources all on one page. For more information about Topic Pages, scroll down this webpage.
  • Not every imaginable topic has a topic page, but “Full Text Articles and More” provide you with definitions and/or encyclopedia entries pertaining to your topic, as well as links to search in other resources.

Topic Pages

Credo has over 10,000 topic pages. Topic pages organizes many sources into an easily accessible format. Most topic pages will include:

  • Dictionary definitions
  • Summary article from an encyclopedia
  • Images
  • Related Credo Articles from encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Databases (linked to our library's databases)
  • Mind Map (see information below)
  • Related topics (lead to other topic pages)
  • Additional Resources (include link to the library catalog, EBSCOhost, and Films on Demand)


Enter a search term in the mind map search field and use the bubble chain to see how concepts are related. Click a bubble to make a new map around that concept. Point to a bubble to see a brief entry about the topic and open the link to read more about that topic.

You can use Credo's Mind Map by:

  • Clicking Mind Map in the top menu
  • Searching for a Mind Map (in the search bar)
  • Accessing the Mind Map on a topic page

Why should you use the Mind Map?

  • To explore related concepts
  • To help you pick a topic
  • To help you determine an appropriate research question
  • To quickly find articles about related topics

Citing Credo

Either use the citation tool within Credo or find the APA citation at the bottom of each Credo entry

**Note: Whenever using a generated citation, you must double check it for accuracy! It’s not unusual for a database to have an error in a citation!**

Chat with a Librarian

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