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Online Resources: Move ebrary Bookshelf to Ebook Central Bookshelf

Learn about the library's online resources: what types of sources they contain, search strategies, and unique features.

Moving from ebrary to Ebook Central

If you saved items (books, annotations, etc.) to your Bookshelf in ebrary, you can easily move those items to your Ebook Central Bookshelf--just follow the steps listed to the right.

Move ebrary Bookshelf to Ebook Central Bookshelf

The first time you access Ebook Central, you should see the screen below.  Click on "Move ebrary Bookshelf" to start the process.


Next, click on "Get Started"

On the next screen, the background will look like it did in ebrary. Click the checkbox next to "I'm not a robot," and the box will change into a green checkmark.  Then click "Continue."

Now, your ebrary account and Ebook Central account have been linked, so click "Move ebrary Bookshelf" to complete the process.

You should see the items from your ebrary Bookshelf, in Ebook Central.