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Online Resources: Accessibility

Learn about the library's online resources: what types of sources they contain, search strategies, and unique features.

Ebook Central Accessibility

Ebook Central is designed for patrons with accessibility needs, particularly the blind and visually impaired. Accessibility Mode is supported on laptops and desktops (not tablets and phones). We are:

  • Targeting AA conformance level to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for features and functions
  • Certifying for use with major screen readers  - AWS on IE (latest version) and VoiceOver on Safari (latest version)
  • Formatting book content to be readable online and offline
  • Working with third-party specialists in accessibility

Mobile Devices

  • Gestures and accessibility are not supported on mobile devices
  • All pages of the patron interface are optimized for the tablet
  • All pages except the online Reader are optimized for phone

Supported Type, Browser, OS and Browser Combinations (latest browser versions only)

  • Tablet, Android Tablet - Android OS (latest and one previous version) - Chrome
  • Tablet, iOS Tablet - iOS (latest) - Safari and Chrome
  • Tablet, Windows Tablet - Windows OS (latest version) - IE
  • Phone, Android Phone - Android OS (latest and one previous version) - Chrome
  • Phone, iPhone (latest) - iOS (latest) - Safari and Chrome


  • Researchers can now change the font for the Ebook Central interface to OpenDyslexic, an open-source typeface designed to combat symptoms of dyslexia, directly from the Profile page.

Turning on Accessibility Mode

Patrons using a screen reader may turn on accessibility mode themselves – no librarian or tech support needed!

For patrons who don’t use a screen reader but have accessibility needs, accessibility mode can be requested for their account at

Accessibility Demo

To view our Accessibility video, please see below: