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Online Resources: Kanopy

Learn about the library's online resources: what types of sources they contain, search strategies, and unique features.

About Kanopy

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Kanopy is a streaming video provider. There are over 28,000 documentaries, classic feature films, and other videos from about 1,000 producers available in this database.

Accessing Kanopy

Do I have to log in?

If you are using a campus computer or campus WiFi, you should be able to directly access the resource.

If you are off-campus, click the 'LOG IN TO CENTRALPENN' button to login in using your Single-Sign-On username and password.

Kanopy off-campus access

If you are accessing a Kanopy video from a link in Blackboard from off-campus, you may see this: Kanopy access from a link

Click 'WATCH NOW', and then 'LOG IN TO CENTRALPENN' on the add your library card page.

You can SKIP Create Your Account, but if you would like to use the additional features of Watchlists or Create Clip/Playlists, you will need to create your own login by using the 'Log In' button at the top right of the screen.

Contact the library if you have any problems accessing the resource.

Searching in Kanopy

There are a few ways to search for content in Kanopy.

If you are looking for a specific title, person, or topic you can use the search icon at the top left.. On the search results screen you can use additional filters to produce more relevant results.Kanopy search and filters

Or simply scroll through the home page to see films in various categories.

Click on a title to either play it or watch a trailer.

Viewing & Sharing

Click on a film to begin viewing it. There is a transcript option or you can turn on closed captioning. Kanopy transcript closed captioning

On the film's information screen click 'Share'  to get the link directly to the video or copy the code to embed the video directly into Blackboard.

To Share a link or embed into Blackboard click Build Content - Create Item. For a link, click the Insert/Edit link in the toolbar and paste the Link you copied from Kanopy in the URL box and select Open link in New Window. To embed the video, click <Source code>  and paste the code in.  Add any other text you'd like - we recommend always including citation information as well just in case something changes that makes the link or video submit and check that it worked.

Please note that if attempting to access a Kanopy video from a phone will result in a prompt to use the free Kanopy app.

Kanopy watchlist share playlists options

For the following features to work you will need to be logged in as you and not just as Central Penn.

  • Add titles to a list to watch later by clicking +Watchlist
  • Add entire titles to a Playlist to share with others, or create a clip to share, by clicking 'Playlists' and the + button. If you don't have any playlists yet, click Playlist >

Kanopy playlist

  • To create a clip, first add the video to a playlist. Click My Lists at the top of any Kanopy page and select the custom playlist you saved the film to. Use the '...' button to open the Edit menu. Add your clip title and notes for your clip. Then either:
    • Press Play on the film at the bottom of the page and drag the scrubbers (two gray rectangles on the film's timeline) to the start (left scrubber) and end (right scrubber) points for the clip. OR
    • Type timestamps for your clip in the "Start time" and "End time" fields. Save your changes.Kanopy clip
  • To share your playlist or clip, go to My Lists at the top of any Kanopy screen. Click the Custom Playlists tab. Click on your playlist (or the playlist of the clip you want to share). Select what you want to share and click the Share tab to copy either the link or the embed code.

Kanopy app

  1. Download the Kanopy app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (depending on your device).
  2. Create a Kanopy account using your Central Penn email address. Kanopy will send a verification email to that email address.
  3. Go to your email to verify your email address.
  4. Once you have verified your email address the app will ask you to choose your library. Look for "Central Penn College". You should have access at this point.

Contact the Library

The Library is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,  & Friday from 10AM - 5PM and Wednesday from 1PM - 8PM.

If you need help from the librarian or need to access the library resources outside of those hours let us know!

Call or text 717-728-2500 or email to make an appointment.

Remember the Learning Hub is also open with lots of great faculty and staff willing to help with tutoring, advising, and general questions.

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