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Learn about the library's online resources: what types of sources they contain, search strategies, and unique features.

About our Online Resources

The library offers a variety of subscription databases available for use by all students, faculty and staff at Central Penn College.

Off-campus access is available for all resources.

Clicking on the tabs above will take you to pages about each individual resource/database.  Each of those pages has a link to access the resource--just click on the resource name (see picture below). 

If you are accessing from off-campus, you will see the Single Sign-On screen--just enter your school email address and usual password.

You can also access the resources via Blackboard and from the library's website.

If you need help using these databases or are having trouble accessing these resources, please contact a librarian for assistance.

If you are searching for books available at the library, please check the library's Online Catalog.

Which Resources Should I Use?

Central Penn's Library subscribes to both general and subject-specific resources and databases.  Please see the list below to help you determine which resource(s) you should use, depending on what information you're looking for. 

We also have a Types of Sources Tutorial which goes into greater detail.

Looking for: Try:
Background Information Credo, Ebook Central
Journal Articles EBSCOhost, Gale
Current social issues Opposing Viewpoints
Documentary films Films on Demand
Business information Business Insights: Global
Medical/Health care information CINAHL, PubMed
Legal/Paralegal Westlaw


How do I Save my Research?

There are a number of ways to keep track of your research. You can use a commercial tool like RefWorks , use a freely available online tool like Zotero, or even use a document in Microsoft Word (there is a References tab at the top). Several of the library online resources have tools that allow you to save the entire article to your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive account. However you save your research, it is recommended that you always save the citation of the item you are looking at in the citation style that you are going to use in your final product. This saves you a LOT of time later on. The library online resources have tools that make it easy to copy and past citations in the correct style. See the Find Citations in Library Databases box on the APA additional resources page to see where those tools are for our online resources.

If in addition to the citation you have been asked to include the link to the resource by your professor save the permalink or bookmark, not the URL in your address bar. Then save your document as a pdf. There is a known issue with hyperlinks in Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) when using a Single Sign On product (my.centralpenn).

  • Business Insights: Global  click the Share button and copy the bookmark URL from the box that pops upBusiness insights global share bookmark


  • Credo - click the permalink icon on the page you would like to share, then copy the URL from the box that pops up. Credo permalink


  • Ebook Central - from the book information page click Share Link to Book and copy the URL from the box that pops up Ebook central share link to book

If you want to share a link to a specific part of the book, open the book to that page and then click the link icon in the toolbar aboveEbooks central share link to page


  • Ebsco - click the permalink icon in the tools bar, then copy the permalink from the box that pops up Ebsco permalink


  • Gale/Opposing Viewpoints - click the Bookmark icon at the top of the page, then copy the URL from the box that pops upGale bookmark

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