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CTE - Teaching Excellence Program: Basic Teaching Award

This guide provides information about the Center for Teaching Excellence's professional development calendar, resources, and trainings series.


The Basic Teaching Award is the "gateway" award for all of the other certificates and awards in the program. This award focuses on building breadth for new college professors and is part of our new faulty orientation program. 


As such, the focus of this award is weighted heavily on gaining knowledge about the five areas of teaching and reflecting on their experiences in the classroom.  For this award, faculty will work holistically by attending workshops in all five areas of teaching excellence and achieving certification in the learning management system and/or online teaching.  In the reflection and application sections, faculty are also asked to begin a basic teaching portfolio that will come to house much of the documentation for the other certificates.


Once faculty have earned this award, they can begin to work through the program by achieving certificates across levels or by working through one category to completion.





You can get started on the Basic Teaching Award by downloading the checklist:   


Quick Access Printables