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CTE - Teaching Excellence Program: FAQs

This guide provides information about the Center for Teaching Excellence's professional development calendar, resources, and trainings series.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the awards program:


Q: I attended and/or presented sessions sessions prior to the Winter 2018 term, can they count towards this program?

A: No. The only part of the program that will be "grandfathered" is the online certification. 


Q: What if my department or school sponsors an event?  Does it count?

A: Possibly. There is a place on the checklists for "other" events where you can provide the CTE with some more details. You can also ask the sponsor of the event to contact the CTE before the event to determine how it might qualify.  


Q: Can external development count towards the CTE award program?

A: Absolutely! There is a place on the checklists for "Teaching Interactions" where you will be able to represent these opportunities. 


Q: What happens if I work out of sequence?

A: You are welcome to attend whatever events you believe will help you to develop your teaching.  Attend events that you think will be most beneficial to you, even if you're concentrating on one certificate. You can let the CTE know when you've completed a certificate or award. 


Q: One of the events says it satisfies two areas of excellence.  Can I use it twice? 

A: No. You will have to determine which area of excellence you want to use it for and indicate that on your checklist.


Q: What if I present at an event, but I haven't reached that level of certification? Can I earmark it for later?

A: Absolutely.  For instance, if you are serving on the online teaching committee and present on a topic related to technology, you will be able to use that as part of the teaching with technology certified mentor checklist once you have earned the certificate and advanced certificate.    


Q: What happens if I don't want to earn awards and certificates? Can I still attend?

A: This program is completely voluntary, and you are welcome to opt-in or opt-out as you see fit.  We believe that the program is beneficial for all faculty as it helps them to develop their pedagogy and be able to demonstrate their development in clear, concrete ways.  It will help all faculty to represent their commitment to teaching on their curriculum vitae

  • For part-time faculty, this program helps them to meet their required trainings, but also allows them to take advantage of these advancement opportunities.
  • For full-time faculty, the awards and certificates can be used as evidence of teaching excellence for reviews as well as rank and promotion decisions. 

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