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CTE - Teaching Excellence Program: Reflective Teaching

This guide provides information about the Center for Teaching Excellence's professional development calendar, resources, and trainings series.


Reflective teaching is defined as engaging in a process of self-review and personal observation about teaching.  As such, faculty members will be asked to continue to build on the basic teaching portfolio they started as part of earning the Basic Teaching Award. 


A teaching portfolio is an integral component of a professional educator’s dossier. In addition to providing career-spanning evidence of teaching effectiveness, a teaching portfolio should be used to highlight a commitment to reflective teaching and ongoing professional development.  

Faculty members are highly encouraged to create digital portfolios that can be easily edited by the faculty and shared with the committee. As a faculty member, you have access to One Note through your Office 365 account as well as the portfolio system in our LMS (Blackboard) to digitize your documents.  You can utilize website creating platforms such as Wordpress or Wix. Consult with the CTE or your mentor about which choice is right for your needs.


For more information on best practices, visit the CTE - Reflective Teaching guide.



To get started on these certificates, download the checklists below: 

Quick Access Printables