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CTE - Center for Teaching Excellence: Videos - General Topics Sessions

About the Videos pages

This page contains videos of sessions on topics of general interest for staff and faculty.  Not all sessions have been or will be recorded--sessions designed as hands-on workshops (usually technology-related) will not be recorded.

Please see the Videos - Department Spotlights page of this guide for those videos; the Videos - Faculty Research & Other Presentations page for videos of faculty presentations, either of their research (Faculty Research Colloquium) or on topics of general/historical interest; and the Videos - CTE Sessions for Faculty page for videos of sessions designed specifically for faculty development.

General Topics Videos

Follow the links and sign in to view the following presentations:


APA 7th Edition Introduction, Library Staff, March 5, 2020

Face-to-Face session on using APA 7th edition style


Education Foundation Faculty & Staff Annual Appeal, December 10, 2019


Presentation: Customer Service: Perception vs. Reality, Customer Service Committee, December 4, 2019


Meeting the Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), November 22, 2019


Title IX Training: Pregnant and Parenting Students, November 11, 2019


Hot Topics Panel: Vaccination Information, November 5, 2019


Title IX Training: Title IX Basics, August 26, 2019


Understanding the Student Life Cycle, July 30, 2019


Memory Techniques, Steve Shoemaker, June 10, 2019


Title IX Training: Title IX and LGBTQIA+ Students, May 20, 2019


Self-Care Training Workshop, Counseling Services, May 3, 2019


401(k) Information Session, April 29 and May 1, 2019


Panel Discussion: Support Services for Students, April 30, 2019


HR Benefits: More Than Insurance, March 19, 2019


Title IX Training: Title IX Basics, March 1, 2019


Textbook Information: Student Side, February 14, 2019


STaRT: Start Today and Retire Tomorrow, October 31, 2018