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Registration Instructions - McGraw-Hill Connect/LearnSmart

Students taking courses which use the McGraw-Hill Connect/LearnSmart program (mostly business and/or accounting courses, but several other courses as well--currently ALH108 and some sections of BIO105 and IDS101) will automatically have access to that program.  (The access is paid for with the Course Materials Fee--see box below on this page.)

However, students will need to register themselves, at the beginning of the term, in each course--essentially joining the class within the program.  (You will only need to do this once for each course.)

  • After accessing the course in Blackboard, access a Connect/LearnSmart assignment.
  • On the course Welcome page, enter your Central Penn email address
  • If you have used Connect/LearnSmart in previous courses, enter the password you used then

**If you have never taken a course which uses the Connect/LearnSmart program, you will need to create an account with McGraw-Hill.  You will only need to do that once to have an account for all courses.

Please see the detailed instructions (with screenshots) in the PDF file below.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact the school's Textbook Coordinator, Karen Jury ( or 717-728-2249)

Course Materials Fee for McGraw-Hill Access

Students taking almost all Business (BUS) and Accounting (ACC) courses, along with a few other courses (currently ALH108 and some sections of BIO105 and IDS101) will be charged a "course materials fee" when they register for the affected courses.  This will allow students to have full access, from the first day of class, to the McGraw-Hill Connect/LearnSmart program without needing to do anything except log in to Blackboard. 

  • Students will not need to do anything except register for courses as they normally do--there are not extra steps involved on the student side.
  • The fee will be added to students' accounts with the Business Office, to be paid however they normally pay for tuition, fees, etc.
  • This fee means that students will NOT need to purchase a textbook or any other materials for the included courses.
  • Students do have the option of "opting out" of the automatic fee being charged to their tuition bill, but then they will be responsible for providing proof of purchase of the material to the school's Textbook Coordinator. 

There are a few business and accounting courses that do not use the McGraw-Hill program, so students will still be responsible for purchasing books/materials as needed for those courses.

Any questions about the course materials fee, including the procedure for opting out, please contact Karen Jury, Textbook Coordinator ( or 717-728-2249).