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Loose-Leaf Available for Purchase

We understand that some students strongly prefer print versions of books to electronic versions.  The ebook and access to Connect (provided via the course materials fee) includes an ebook--instead of print--because that makes the bundle significantly cheaper.

However, after you have registered in the Connect section of the course, you are able to purchase a discounted loose-leaf version of the textbook (in full color) from within your Connect course.  Currently, this is only available for purchase by credit card.  Cost varies by title and will be either $27 (most titles) or $42 [plus tax if applicable]. 

**This option is NOT available for BUS120 Spreadsheet Applications, because that course uses a program called SIMnet and not Connect.**

You will be able to access the loose-leaf purchase option from the homepage for your section--which should show you a list of the assignments. 

Different courses have slightly different layouts, but many times the link to purchase the loose-leaf will appear near the access to the ebook of the text (either on the far left or far right of the screen).

**If you do not see the homepage when accessing Connect from Blackboard, try logging in to Connect from outside of Blackboard.

1. Go to

2. Enter your email and password (school email address and whichever password you used to register for the course in Blackboard)

3. Click on the course associated with the ebook you want to access

4. You should see the page with the list of assignments, as shown above in the first picture.


After clicking on the link, which might say "Purchase a discounted loose leaf copy of your course text," or "Need a print copy of the textbook?" you will be redirected to where you can enter your payment and shipping information.  The loose-leaf will then be shipped directly to you from the publisher.

**If you have trouble finding this option, please contact the Textbook Coordinator (