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Textbook Buyback: Money for Your Books

Do you have some textbooks you no longer need?  You can sell your books back to the online bookstore through their website. 

Please see below for instructions on how to find the value of your books, get a quote, and sell your books back any time.

1. Go to the Central Penn College Online Bookstore

2. Click on "Menu" near the top right of the screen.  Another line of options will appear below it--click on "Sell Your Textbooks."

3. Next, you'll either need to log in to your account, if you have one, or create an account. 

4. Once logged in, on the "Textbook Buyback" screen, you will see any print books you have previously purchased from MBS.

You can also enter the ISBN(s) of the book(s) you wish to sell in the box (under "Get a quote and get your cash"), then click on "Price Your Books."  The ISBN is usually on the back cover, bottom right:

4. If you're satisfied with the dollar amount being offered, click on "Add Selected Books."

5. You can add additional books (to send back at the same time) by entering more ISBNs in the box at the bottom right of the screen, or you can move on by clicking on "Finalize Your Quote."

6. After clicking on "Finalize Your Quote," you'll be able to enter your address, etc if you did not already have an account with the bookstore.  If you already had an account, you can confirm your mailing address.

7. After you confirm your address, click on "Choose Payment Type."

8. Choose whether you'd like a check or to be paid via PayPal.  (For either method, you won't receive payment until after your book(s) are received by the bookstore.)  You also need to click the checkbox next to "By submitting this quote, I have read and accept MBS's Terms & Conditions." (Click on "Terms & Conditions" to display them.)

To finish this part of the process and be able to generate the paperwork you'll need to include with your book(s), click on "Submit Your Buyback."

9. The final screen has some important information on it, including suggestions for how to pack your book(s).  Shipping is free when using their pre-printed label--click on "Print UPS Label & Packing Slip" to generate those items.  You should receive an email from the bookstore which also includes links to print the packing slip and shipping label.

You MUST include their Packing Slip in the box with the book(s) to receive the amount from the buyback quote.

10. Pack your book(s) securely in a box or envelope--and include the Packing Slip.  If you are near the Summerdale campus, you can take your package to the mailroom in Bollinger Hall.  Otherwise, you can take the package to any location that accepts UPS packages, including drop boxes: Find UPS Locations

11. Buyback quotes are only good for 30 days, and they suggest you ship your book(s) no later than 2 weeks from when you create the quote to ensure the package is received on time.