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Textbook Buyback: Money for Your Books

Do you have some textbooks you no longer need?  You can sell your books back to the HACC Bookstore either in person at the HACC Bookstore or online bookstore through their website. 

Please see below for instructions on how to and sell your books back any time.

1. Go to the HACC Online Bookstore

2. Click on "Textbooks" near the top right of the screen.  Another line of options will appear below it--click on "Sell Your Textbooks."

3. Next, you'll click on "Sell Online".

4. Follow the steps on the "Textbook Buyback" screen. You will need to enter in the ISBN or use your purchase history, print the package list and pre pre=paid shilling label via email. Then you can send your books free of charge.

5 You will be paid via PayPal or check in three weeks.