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Registration Instructions - McGraw-Hill Connect/LearnSmart

Students taking courses which use the McGraw-Hill Connect/SmartBook program will automatically have access to that program from within Blackboard. 

The first time you take a course that uses this program, you will need to create an account with McGraw-Hill.  You will only need to do that once to have an account for all courses.

Please see the detailed instructions (with screenshots) in the PDF file below.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact the school's Textbook Coordinator (

Full Ebook Access within Connect

Although much of student work within the McGraw-Hill program is on specific assignments, it is also possible to access the full ebook (electronic version) of the textbook used in the course.

When you are on the main/home screen for your course (which has the list of assignments), you will see a link to the book (with a picture of the book cover) either to the right or left of the assignment list.  (The example below has the link to the left.)

**If you do not see the assignment list when accessing Connect from Blackboard, try logging in to Connect from outside of Blackboard.