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Textbooks in Ebook Central: Getting Started

The library catalog has ebook versions of some of the required course textbooks. To find out if the library has a textbook, there are 2 ways to search:

  • Using the Course Reserves search, you can search by Course Code or Professor Name
  • Using the regular catalog search, you can search by Title

To use either search, first access the Library's Online Catalog.  You can also access the catalog from the Library tab in Blackboard, under "Find books and movies - Catalog." 

Finding Textbooks in the Online Catalog

The Library has access to ebook versions of some of the required course textbooks, which you can find through the Online Catalog.

As you can see below, there is a link to Course Reserves on the catalog home page, right below the main search box.  Clicking on that link will generate a list of all the courses that have a textbook(s) associated with them.



Click on the name of a course to see the textbook(s) associated with that course.  On this screen, click on the Title to go to the library catalog information about the book.  Click on "Record URL" in the 'Link' column (far right) to go directly to the ebook itself.


If you click on the title of the book, you'll see detailed information about the book, as shown below.  On this page, click the "Click here for access" button to go to the ebook itself.  In the lower-right corner of the screen, you can see that this book is on Reserve for two courses.


Please contact the Library for help with Course Reserves.