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Upgrade Connect Free Trial to Regular Account

McGraw-Hill offers a 2-week free trial access to Connect/LearnSmart for students who are not sure if they will continue in a course (and/or are waiting for funds to purchase the access).  This allows students to stay up-to-date with their assignments, but access MUST be purchased and registered BEFORE the trial expires to save the work already done in the Connect/LearnSmart program.

When you are ready to upgrade the free trial access to full access, find the Classes icon (A) in the left menu of your section home page. Then click Yes, purchase access (B). 

Then you should see the same screen that appeared when you first accessed Connect/LearnSmart for your course, that includes both the option to input an access code or purchase access directly from McGraw-Hill.

If you purchased the ebook from the school bookstore (which has the access code embedded in it), input your access code in the box, then click "Redeem."  If you choose to purchase access from McGraw-Hill, click on either "Check Out" (must use a credit card) or "PayPal."


If you have any questions/problems with upgrading your access, please contact the Textbook Coordinator (