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Connect Problems: Troubleshooting

If you need help finding your Connect access code and/or don't know where to use your Connect access code, please visit the main McGraw-Hill Connect page of this guide.

If you have successfully registered for your Connect course but are having problems with it--please see below.

General Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Connect does not always work properly with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  Google Chrome is the suggested browser, but Mozilla Firefox and Safari should also work.  Download Chrome or Firefox for free.
    • If you are on a school computer and don't see the shortcuts for Chrome or Firefox, don't worry--they are still installed on the computers.  Click on the Start menu, then click All Programs.  Then you should be able to select either Chrome or Firefox.
  • Connect works best when used on a computer--some sections/features might not display properly on a phone. 
  • Depending on the speed/strength of your internet/WiFi connection, you might just need to wait for Connect (or different sections/questions) to finish loading.  If Connect seems to take a long time to load, close as many other programs on your computer as possible when doing your assignments.
  • Try refreshing the page, then try closing and restarting your browser.  If neither of those work, try restarting your computer.
  • Be sure to use the navigation buttons available in Connect itself and not your browser back or forward buttons.  Otherwise, you could get logged off of Connect, receive a "session expired" message, or a "session timed out" message. 
  • Contact the Textbook Coordinator by email at  You can also call 717-728-2500 during regular library operating hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-10pm and Friday, 8am-5pm.


If you have tried the general tips above and Connect is still not working properly, then you should contact McGraw-Hill Technical Support at 1-800-331-5094 (and contact your professor).

  • Be sure to ask for a case number for your call.  That way your issue can be tracked--and you will have proof for your professor if a technical issue kept you from completing an assignment on time.
  • You can also visit the McGraw-Hill Technical Support website and/or Connect Success Academy.  From these pages, you can search their help topics/articles.
  • Another option is to fill out a web form for someone to contact you: Digital Technical Support contact form