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Ebooks: Accessing Purchased Ebooks in Blackboard

There are 2 ways to access your ebooks purchased from the school bookstore (MBS): through the MBS Direct Bookshelf in Blackboard and at the MBS Direct website itself.  For instructions on accessing via the MBS website, please visit the Purchased Ebooks via MBS Website page.

**To access ebooks which were paid for with course materials fees (most business and accounting courses), please see Ebook Access via First Day Digital Materials on the Inclusive Access (First Day Access) page.  Ebooks provided through this program will NOT appear on the MBS Direct Bookshelf in Blackboard.

If you're not sure where your ebook(s) should appear, please contact the Textbook Coordinator (

After you log in to Blackboard, click on a course (any course) to see the MBS Direct Bookshelf link, and then click on it.

The email and password you use here are the ones you used when you ordered your books from the Central Penn Online Bookstore (MBS Direct). **If you used a voucher, you might need to follow additional steps first to get your password--see the "Password Retrieval for MBS Direct" section of this guide.














After logging in, you should see the items you ordered from MBS (still within Blackboard).

Click "Access Content" to be redirected to the ebook platform (VitalSource Bookshelf).

Enter the email address you used when purchasing from the MBS Bookstore (school email if you used a voucher)

Pick whatever Security Question and Answer you choose, a password you'll remember, and click to agree to the Terms of Use, before clicking on "Finish."

Go to for more information on using your electronic course materials.

If you do not see your book (or are missing a book(s)), please call VitalSource Support at 1-855-200-4146.

If you still need a Connect code, please see the McGraw-Hill Connect page of this guide.  If you're not sure if you need a Connect code, check with your professor.