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Online research guide for Business majors--all concentrations

Business Administration Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration requires: 

  • 42 credits of general education coursework (27 credits of foundation courses + 12 credits from declared intersection + 3 credits of experiential learning)
  • 18 credits of elective classes
  • 48 credits of core coursework
  • 12 choice credits from any BUS course OR by selecting and completing coursework within a concentration (Banking & Finance, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management, Management, or Marketing)

As part of the general education requirements students must choose to take either PSY100 Psychology OR SOC100 Sociology to fulfill the Scientific Reasoning requirement, and BUS130 Macroeconomics to fulfill the Global Citizenship requirement.

Elective courses cannot fulfill any other course requirement and should be in classes labeled ACC, BUS, COM, LGS, MTH, or TEC. Declaring a minor in something other than Business Administration can also fulfill the elective requirement.

The core courses, required for all Business majors regardless of concentration, are listed on this page.

For concentration-specific courses, please see the appropriate Concentration Courses pages on the concentration Guides: Banking & Finance, Healthcare Administration, Human Resource Management (HRM), Management, Marketing (BS)

For courses for the Associate in Science degrees, please see these Guide pages: Marketing Courses (AS) or Entrepreneurship & Small Business Courses.

BUS115 Business Accounting books & ebooks

BUS120 Spreadsheet Applications books & ebooks

BUS200 Finance I books & ebooks

BUS215 Microeconomics books & ebooks

BUS220 Principles of Management books & ebooks

BUS230 Principles of Marketing books & ebooks

BUS245 Human Resources books & ebooks

BUS270 Entrepreneurship & Small Business books & ebooks

BUS325 Electronic Business books & ebooks

BUS365 Organizational Behavior books & ebooks

BUS470 Business Seminar books & ebooks

COM303 Persuasion

LGL140/LGS250 Business Law books & ebooks

MTH200 Statistics books & ebooks