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Internship Guide

Information for all stages of the Internship process: before, during, and after

During Internship - Required Documents

There are only three different types of documents required during the internship itself, but these are some of the most important documents that you (or your site supervisor) will create during the internship process. 

In addition to being required for completion of your internship, the 2 sets of document created by the student--the Weekly Work Logs and the Professional Readings--can be beneficial in successfully getting a job and starting your career.


Student-created documents:

  • Weekly Work Logs:

The purpose of these logs is to aid your internship coordinator in monitoring your work during your internship.  One log should be submitted for every 40 hours of work (weekly if working full-time, less often if working part-time).  The logs should be at least one page per 40-hour submission.  Please see the Weekly Work Logs page for more details.

  • Professional Readings:

    During your internship, you are required to complete 4 professional reading-related assignments that will require you to explore the publications that pertain to your field of study.  You can find the publications on the internet (look for reliable sites) and/or through the library's online resources. 

    The 4 different assignments (Solving Problems, project Research, Major Publications in the Field, Types of Sources/Publications) are described in more detail on the Professional Readings page.


Site Supervisor documents:

  • Internship Performance Evaluation Forms: These are the two opportunities for your site supervisor to evaluate your internship effort. These forms must be completed at the 90 and 180 hour marks. Print these documents and have your site supervisor complete them.  Be sure to give them to him/her far enough in advance to not feel rushed to get them finished on time.