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Internship Guide

Information for all stages of the Internship process: before, during, and after

Internship Documentation Checklist

Document Due Date Responsible Party
Initial Resume Prior to start Student
Cover letter Prior to start Student
Site contact information Prior to start Student
Student Internship Agreement Prior to start Student/Coordinator
Internship Site contract Prior to start Student/Site Supervisor
Mission and Goals of internship site Prior to start Student/Site Supervisor
Organization Structure (Org Chart) Prior to start Student/Site Supervisor
Job description with responsibilities Prior to start Student/Site Supervisor
Work logs/journals During internship Student
Professional readings During internship Student
Work evaluations

During internship

(after 90 and 180 hours, or after 135 and 270 hours for PLG and LGS Programs)

Site Supervisor
Internship Final Report After internship Student
Final Resume After internship Student
Thank You letter After internship Student
Letter of recommendation After internship Site Supervisor
Confidential evaluation of site After internship Student
Employer program evaluation After internship Site Supervisor
Community service logs By the end of internship term Student